Darko Arandjelovic

  • Darko is a committed SysAdmin and Python developer. Darko enjoys writing code as much as he enjoys working with Asterisk, Virtualisation, firewalls, servers, switches, and all things IT.

  • Darko’s Python experience reaches back to 1998 and includes development of RFC821 compliant SMTP server, development of Databases and Search Engines in Python, and of course many simpler things like libraries to be used by his team and web-based applications to be used by everyone else.

  • Darko has strong management experience, having lead his own Nexgenbusiness since 2005. He has also lead the IT department at PIRC for 4 years streamlining the infrastructure and code until a more robust, simpler and scalable solution has been developed that is in use in house and by PIRC’s clients today.

  • Darko has experience across the full-stack of web, hosting, database and network technologies, using Python, Javascript, MySQL, MongoDB, Apache, PHP, Microsoft technologies, Virtualisation, SaaS…

  • Darko still enjoys getting his hand dirty by designing and assembling hardware around PIC and Atmel microcontrollers and then writing the low-level Assembler code to suit the hardware. He calls it a relaxation.

  • In his spare time Darko enjoys playing with his 3 children, reading books, snapping pictures and enjoying what life has to offer.